Beech – Fagus Sylvatica

We think beech has the loveliest leaves, whether they are green or copper. Every spring, the long branches conveniently swoop down low to help us forage. In older times, when travellers found protection and sustenance in the benevolent shade of a magnificent Beech, she was called the Queen of the Woods, which fits her gracious stature perfectly.

We humans have enjoyed young Beech leaves for thousands of years, and nowadays, they are delicious added to a salad. Bunnies can enjoy them year-round, as the leaves often stay well into winter. The leaves and twigs provide cellulose, fibre, lignans and other antioxidants, vital for digestive and all-around good health.

Monchable bits:

Bunnies can eat the leaves, twigs, and branches.

Feeding Guidelines: 

Beech can be fed regularly to bunnies; introduce all new plants slowly. For a balanced diet aim for a minimum of 5 different plant species to complete each meal.

Pick n prep guidelines:

  • Always thoroughly wash your forage
  • Only feed plants you're confident you can identify.
  • Forage respectfully and avoid uprooting small plants.
  • Never forage from heavily polluted areas like roadsides and plants that may have been treated with pesticides.
  • Get permission if foraging on private land.


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