The Monch Story

It all began with some hungry little bunnies and one plant-obsessed bun mum. After growing up in the countryside, serving freshly picked wild plants on a velvet cushion, the concrete jungle of London just wasn’t cutting it for co-founder Daisy – or her bunnies. It went against her principles to stuff the fridge with imported, mass-grown greens, packed in single use plastic from the supermarket, and she knew this diet lacked the bun tum benefits of Mother Nature’s wild pantry. Urban life with rabbits, she decided, should not mean sacrificing the foods that help them thrive.


Learning what makes our bunnies hop – and what makes them hop for longer is important. We know our floofs are happier and healthier on a diet that closely mimics their wild cousins and ancestors, and with their unique digestive system, certain plants, textures, vitamins and minerals are required. Our dream was to provide rabbit-safe, life-enriching forage for all, especially during the winter when our native plants are dormant. And so Monch was born to share this passion for nature and wild plants, and to provide buns with a convenient, plastic-free delivery of species-appropriate yumminess. 


Thanks to Kingsclere Estates – 2,500 acres of organic, nature-friendly farmland in the rolling chalk downs of Hampshire – we have access to an abundance of rabbit friendly forage. During the Spring, Summer and Autumn, we pick and prep by hand whilst working in harmony with vital regenerative farming practices. Kingsclere is encouraging native wild plants back onto pastureland to improve soil quality, which is excellent news for wildlife – and for our bunnies too! Rather than relying on fertilisers, herbicides and pesticides to increase crop yields, this kind of organic farming encourages the natural benefits and protection provided by biodiversity, from microorganisms right up to ancient trees. 


Working with nature and the seasons means our business is slow but ultimately more satisfying. Because foraging sustainably comes with many rules and difficulties, Monch is about quality over quantity and planet over profit. We work with local landscapes instead of overseas suppliers so that you get the biggest box of goodness with the tiniest carbon pawprint.