Chicory - Cichorium Intybus 

Related to the dandelion, we eat blanched chicory (endive) leaves in salads, and the roasted roots make a yummy drink. When left to grow beside roads, railway lines and in pasture meadows it develops into a tall, resplendent plant with delightfully blue flowers that turn the landscape into a work of art. Not content with just looking pretty, the plant also has deep tap roots that break up compacted topsoil. Very helpful for regenerating overworked agricultural land!

The whole plant is edible and full of good stuff. The dried stalks and narrow leaves contain lots of fibre, perfect for chewing satisfaction. The plant also provides pre-biotic inulin for gut health and is said to be anthelmintic - a natural parasitic worm repellent. Chicory is definitely one of our champs! 

Monchable bits: 

Bunnies can eat the roots, stems, leaves and flowers.

Feeding guidelines: 

Chicory can be fed regularly to bunnies; introduce all new plants slowly. For a balanced diet aim for a minimum of 5 different plants to complete each meal.

Pick n prep guidelines: 


  • Always thoroughly wash your forage
  • Only feed plants you're confident you can identify.
  • Forage respectfully and avoid uprooting small plants.
  • Never forage from heavily polluted areas like roadsides and plants that may have been treated with pesticides.
  • Get permission if foraging on private land.
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