Our Mission

Monch firmly believes our fur babies deserve the very best and we also believe the planet does too. That’s why Monch is on a mission. A mission to save the world! Okay, that may seem like a dramatic statement, but we know each small step towards a happy planet can make a huge difference. 


The interconnection between the natural environment, animals and human beings is powerful. But we must work with that power wisely to ensure all three continue to thrive on this big, beautiful planet. In recent generations, the wisdom and the connection has been somewhat lost – it’s time to restore our harmonious past to create a survivable future.


Our mission begins with building a circular community of bunny lovers, nature enthusiasts, plant geeks and innovative thinkers. This is what we like to call ‘The Monch Circle’. Together, with a positive mindset and a pair of secateurs in our pockets, we can snip away at society’s failing systems.


The nature of our business is slow, seasonal and satisfying. Quality over quantity and planet over profit is pretty much what we live by. Foraging sustainably comes with rules – but luckily for us, we want foliage, not the fruits or fungi that are most sought after for human foods. With a bit of nature-knowhow, the way in which we forage promotes plant growth, soil health and biodiversity with zero damage to the land. 


Oh, and it doesn’t stop there! We love saying no to plastic and unnecessary carbon footprints. Aside from a few buckets and bits of equipment, Monch is entirely plastic-free. We work with local landscapes, not overseas suppliers. Our organic plants make just one journey from our farm in southern England to your doorstep. This means we can provide total transparency. That’s a binky promise. 


Monch is here to redefine the way we feed bunnies, whilst creating a new (yet ancient) system of sustainable production.  


Will you join us?