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The Stick Box

The Stick Box

Fresh 100% organic sticks for rabbits and guinea pigs.

Only available in winter.

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Offering your Rabbits and Guinea Pigs fresh sticks is a great way to encourage natural chewing behaviours. Fresh sticks offer dental and digestive maintenance along with stimulating enrichment.

Our stick box is seasonal because we work in harmony with nature. When trees lay dormant in winter, pruning them back enables new healthy growth in the spring.

For ultimate freshness, we cut in small batches. Each box will contain two types ranging from the following species: Hawthorn, Hazel, Apple, Willow, Beech and Ash.

Check out our Instagram to see which two are on the menu right now!

Feeding Guidelines

Fresh sticks can be fed daily.

Some buns and piggies may prefer them snapped or chopped into smaller portions.

Due to the organic, unprocessed nature of our sticks, please ensure your rabbit's vaccinations are up to date before feeding. Not intended for pregnant, nursing does or kits up to 12 weeks.

Store your box somewhere cool and dry. Alternatively, they can be stored in your fridge for long-lasting freshness.

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